Monday, July 27, 2009

Dual standards of Indian Diplomacy

Again, it is the story of two women and how different treatment was meted out to them. But this time, it is the Indian diplomats who are in the spotlight.

India has denied a visa to Rebiya Kadeer, the Uighur matriarch exiled by China, on the advice of Beijing which accuses the 62-year-old of inciting the recent violence in Xinjiang.

In stark contrast to this, India has been sheltering the controversial author Tasleema Nasreen from the neighboring Bangladesh. India's External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee assured Nasreen a "shelter" in India, but urged her to "refrain from activities and expressions" that may hurt the sentiments of Muslims in India and harm relations with friendly countries.

It was very well known that India follows a diplomacy of appeasement of the external superpowers. That does not mean that they ignore the internal powers. Muslims are the second largest population in the country and their feelings cannot be fiddled around by sheltering somebody who the community does not see in good light and denying entry to a freedom fighter who is globally well known.

This act has definitely hurt the sentiments of the masses. Not just muslims but all peace loving citizens of the nation.

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Turquoise Diaries said...

Unfortunately, Turkey did not give visa to Rebiya either. What a shame..And also thanks for the site you have referred to me about Mughals. It is so full of knowledge. I enjoyed it. Thank you very much.