Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Social Networking in the times of recession

Use social networking efficiently in these tough times to your benefit. Use services like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Orkut to market yourself. Actively participate in group discussions and give your valuable inputs. They might impress a prospective employer watching the discussion. Tweet your achievement, get recommendations from your present and past colleagues on LinkedIn. Recession is not the end of the world, slowing down of economy is not the death of economy. Be creative, believe in your strengths and sell your skills. Do remember always, do not love a company, love the job. You never know when the company might stop loving you. Grab an opportunity that's coming your way, do not skip it for the present employer. He might not skip your name from the list of layoffs.

Networking tips in tough times:
1. Get on to the social networks
2. Have your complete professional profiles up there
3. Scream about your achievements at the top of your voice
4. Get in touch with everybody in your contacts list
5. Get in touch with your ex-colleagues and long forgotten friends
6. Get recommendations on your public profiles at these social networks
7. Let them know if you are looking for a change
8. Actively participate in forums and give your expert inputs
9. Do not love your company, love your job. Do not skip any opportunities for the company
10. A bird in hand is better than two in the bush.

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