Monday, March 23, 2009

Varun Gandhi's venomous speech - What can YOU do?

Folks, you might have seen time and again the venomous speech by Varun Gandhi on various news channels. The only impression that I get after seeing it is that it was a two in one attempt by the BJP.

One, it shot Varun Gandhi out of nowhere into the headlines. Otherwise, he was lost in the oblivion.
Two, BJP tested the hindutva card again.

Fortunate for the Indian Democracy that this was not recieved in good sense at all. The public in general and muslims in specific need not panic about such speeches. They are the short-cuts to fame. Has the nation forgotten the thackreys of Mumbai who have used North-South divide to secure their vote banks.

Look forward to more of such attempts by various leaders from various parties, who would be switching loyalties. If you want to keep the Indian politics clean, do use your vote effectively. Donot vote for such morons.

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