Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Indian Cricket team in World Cup

Indian Cricket team in World Cup

The cricket crazy nation was highly disappointed when the so-called powerful team India was eliminated from the first round of the World Cup 2007. Some blamed it onto the format of the game for the debacle, some blamed the Australian coach. None of which is true. It is just that the Team India is powerful only on the paper with great records against weak teams.

A performance or two from players paves way for them into the glamour industry, where they are busy doing endorsements, inaugurations and advertisements when actually they should have been practicing.

It explains why the doctors and lawyers, no matter what their experience is, they still call it a practice.

Another reason for the debacle of the Indian cricket team is discrimination, politics, and groupism. Players are not selected on merit, performance, or abilities, but they are selected on the basis of their very past records or their ability to influence.

The BCCI should be answerable to the public and the selection process should be fair and transparent. There should be a competitive process to be able to get into the Indian Team every time the team is selected.

All the players must be banned from endorsing products and advertisements. The players have enough funds to see them through their career. They get hefty packages from BCCI and also jobs in different PSUs.

Media is playing a bad role by glorifying the players by giving titles of Nawabs, Princes, and Rajkumars. This glorifying of the players should stop with immediate effect. Players with attitude problem should not find a place in the team. Players who play for individual records and fill their coffers with crores should find it difficult to be on the team.

No player should feel that his place is secure on the team only then would players put in their best efforts and work towards winning.

To prevent the dream of the nation from shattering in the next World Cup:

  1. Avoid all the products endorsed by players.
  2. All the players should be banned from endorsing products and doing ads.
  3. Selection of the players should be purely on merit basis and not based on once upon a time records.
  4. BCCI and the players should be made accountable to the public.
  5. Media should stop glorifying the players.
  6. Team India should not play against soft teams.
  7. No player should feel his place on the team is secure unless he performs.
  8. Players playing for individual records should be shown the door.